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Soon to be released on Lone Hand records...

SP - "From North West of South East"
Lone Hand 003

A limited edition 5 track EP, hand lathe cut in New Zealand on lush clear 10" vinyl
(look on the Lone Hand site for links, how to purchase the record and more information about the pressing process).

Including original packaging, exclusive artwork and stickers designed by SP.

side a
tele in use (part 1)

please x3

spaet nacht fahren

side b
endless days (remix)*

the bony labyrynth

* the original of this track can be found on the excellent Thin Films album "Eskimo"

In the meantime why not buy the awesome
delta9 plastics compilation cd
which contains an exclusive DJ SP track "endoflevelboss" amongst others by Posthuman, Debaser, Paul Blackford, Line and many more

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