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Adam Wild and Stuart Style

With over 20 years DJ experience between them Adam and Stuart know a thing or two about rocking a party, Wildstyle !
Amongst many special one offs, private parties, corporate events, and guest appearances (in places such as houses, pubs, clubs, boats, recording studios, town halls, Legoland and not to mention at the world famous School Disco) Stuart and Adam have been resident DJ's from the very beginning at the infamous Living/Redstar/Play/Mish Mash group of bars in London.

As Wildstyle the only real rule is that the music has to work on the dancefloor, this means tunes that people know and love, that they can sing along too, that they can play air guitar to, that they can breakdance to, snog strangers, whatever…

Party music for party people!

Both or either are available to play for you, just email

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